Zero-water Light pH12.5 | Alkaline Water Ions | Green Label Safe Cleaner

Type: Home-ware
SKU: ZW500


Zero Water Light is the best choice for everyday cleaning routine

The safe cleaner with zero toxic chemical, skin-friendly & does no harm to your health. With pH 12.5 created by alkalic ions, helps effectively remove dirt, oil, odours & bacteria.

There are 99% of Ionized Alkaline Water and almost 1% of KOH. The level of KOH is different based on pH levels of Zero Water. All ingredients are tested and proved to be safe for human skin.

Zero Water Light can be used to clean almost every item in your house, such as:
– Stove, inside of microwave or fridge.
– ‎Glass, stainless steel items
– ‎Leather or fabric sofa, handbag
– ‎Eatery items
– ‎Pet stains
– ‎Clean & disinfect baby items or toys
– ‎Remove unpleasant smell in trash bin, toilet or even your shoes


Zero Water Light leaves no residue, no harmful fumes during use & totally safe for human skin.

Zero Water is certified by Green Label Singapore as an eco-friendly product. It has been tested & certified by TUV-SUD for effective in killing dangerous bacteria such as E-coli, Samonella, Staphylococcus Aureus, etc…

Zero Water was also tested & certified by SGS Singapore, proven to remove 80% of bacteria on a surface in just ONE SINGLE SPRAY.


Directions of use

  • Use only Dry & Clean cloth for cleaning.
  • Cap your bottle after use, do not expose Zero Water to the air for a long period of time.
  • Do not store diluted Zero Water
  • Do not add anything into Zero Water
  • Zero Water cannot remove hardcore stains,  rusts, cement stains.