We Rate Dogs! The Card Game | Chronicles Book | Best in Show Action Cards

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They're good dogs, Brent!

In this fast-paced card game for 3–6players based on the massively successful Twitter account WeRateDogs (more than 7 million followers), good dogs compete to be the very best!

Choose your favourite pups to enter a competitive dog show and use cards to improve their rating, bring down the competition, or cause chaos for a puptastic good time! Only one dog can be named Best in Show, but not to worry: no dog will ever be less than a 10/10!

We Rate Dogs card game includes 50 dog cards, 100 event cards, 1 category die, winner’s circle board, first player card, and player tokens.

The author

MATT NELSON has accumulated millions of social media followers by showcasing user-submitted dog photos to his trademark caption style with WeRateDogs. He resides in Charleston West Virginia.