Turn-N-Seal Vacuum Container

Type: Home-ware

Turn-N-Seal locks in the flavor and freshness of any food. You can keep food tasty and fresh for days after you prepared it, so you always have the delicious food you love ready to go.

User-Friendly Design

The Turn-N-Seal is engineered to be super easy-to-use and foolproof, that includes ensuring users know when their Turn-N-Seal is working. In every lid you can find a silicon indicator, which sinks down when the container is in a vacuum state, so you can check on your Turn-N-Seal at a glance.

Easy To Clean

One of the challenges faced when creating a good vacuum container was the problem of dust. It can cause tiny breaks in the seal and prevent a vacuum. However, thanks to our creativity and cutting-edge technology, the Turn-N-Seal parts can be dismantled and washed thoroughly to ensure that your Turn-N-Seal is always ready to go!

Extremely Durable and Light

Despite the strong vacuum abilities, the Turn-N-Seal will not get out of shape. Robust and easily able to withstand the knocks of everyday use, your Turn-N-Seal is built to last. All that strength is not at the expense of weight though, as it is still super compact and lightweight, making it easy to store and carry around the home.

Optimize Your Storage Space

Thanks to its compact design and stack-ability, the Turn-N-Seal allows you to store a whopping 6 liters of food within just 13” square of space! Now you can make the most of your space with your Turn-N-Seal.

Stay Cool, Stay Fresher

The Turn-N-Seal vacuum keeps your food fresher for longer. Keeping your Turn-N-Seal in the refrigerator extends the shelf life of your foods even longer. This is the purpose of the Turn-N-Seal, to give you the very best fresh storage option available, because you deserve it!