Smoko Footwarmers - USB Heated

Type: Home-ware
SKU: SKO94863

Keep your footsies warm in the plush innards of a mighty dragon, Mystical Narwhal or the awesome Unicorn! These majestic mythical creature has been known to hide in the shadowed depths beneath your bed until you need them to make the perilous journey to the bathroom at 3 in the morning. Nobody would dare stand in the way of someone who can tame the most frightful of creatures. Once feared across the land, these cuties now spend their time keeping your toes warm. These slippers are made of cosy cotton and polyester, they will keep your feet warm when you use the detachable USB cable to plug them into your Mac, PC, or other USB port.

One Size fits most, up to women size 12.

    • Use as a foot-warmer when attached to USB.

    • Detach from USB to travel in cozy comfort.

    • Plug iintoUSB port to heat, detach to walk around

    • Dimensions: Each slipper measures 12x5", cord length 57"

    • Weight: Approx. 5 oz each

  • Material: Cozy Cotton and Polyester, imported