Qliplet | Lilabop |Super Clip Hook

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THE NEXT GENERATION SUPER CLIP. The Qliplet, a modified carabiner with a rotating, folding hook, hangs or rests just about anywhere. It is designed to free your hands so that you can do more in your life.

The Qliplet can be used simultaneously as a carabiner and a hook. It rotates 360 degrees and folds at two joints for maximum versatility. Closes securely and has a rubber end for grip.

Holds up to 50 lbs Dimensions: 3" wide, 3 3/4" long (closed)

Weight: 2 oz

Material: Solid aircraft grade machine-cut aluminium with anodized finish, steel, plastic

This product is not for climbing.


** Qliplet has since been rebranded as heroclip