Pot Friends | Seishin Tougei | Ceramic Grow Kit

Type: Growing Kit
SKU: GD-86001

Let's grow plants in pots held by the tummy of rabbits and cats. The pottery animals is actually a bottom water supply pot for storing water. It sucks water inside and grows plants in brown terracotta pots.

【Clover cultivation information】 Also known as white clover. It is a perennial of legumes native to Europe. The flower color is white and the leaves have three leaflets.


Information on wild strawberry cultivation

A perennial plant belonging to the genus Rosaceae, which is called "carry happiness". If you manage it in a warm room with strawberries in four seasons, it will bloom and bear fruit in winter. A herb that is resistant to heat and cold and is very easy to grow.

● Suitable temperature for germination: around 20 ℃

● Seed maki: Spring maki (March to June) Autumn maki (September to November)

● Cultivation suitable temperature: 15 to 20 ° C

● Number of germination days: 15 to 20 days

● Estimated harvest: about 6 months ~