Omedeta Fortune | Seishin Tougei | Zodiac Figure

Type: Growing Kit
SKU: GD-32607

This is a very eco-friendly mini figurine with seeds in the zodiac with are made of natural materials. These figurines are made by mixing waste paper with clay, allowing it to air dry, and then attaching Japanese paper and decorating it with paint.

Peel off the bottom sticker, pull the red string and take out the omikuji seed. The seeds of the flower are set on the paper of the omikuji because the paper of the omikuji is a water-soluble paper, so you can just bury it in the soil and enjoy flower cultivation.

The figurine itself is also biodegradable by burying it in the soil and returning to nature. The seeds are a mix of 6 to 7 types of flowers centred on annual plants, and the mixed varieties vary depending on the season.

Let's grow your luck with Omedeta Fortune!