Moss kokebiyori | Seishin Tougei | Moss / Racomitrium japonicum

Type: Growing Kit
SKU: GD-759
In a pottery vessel, there is a set of real moss (Racomitrium Japonicum), sand and stones. Anyone can make a small garden right away.

A small moss garden just for you. Koke Biyori is a kit that allows you to create a moss garden in a pottery square bowl. In addition to Kuroishi and mini lanterns, Sakura and Momiji,  a moulded tip is also included. You can enjoy the Japanese taste and seasonal feeling.

* Normally, the moss looks like it is sleeping with its leaves closed when it is dry. It is perfectly fine and can stay in this condition for a long time.

* If you spray water with a spray bottle, the leaves will open all at once!

Dimension: W11.8cm×D12cm×H6cm