Roomies Party Hug Pillows | LivHeart | Plushy Soft Toys

Type: Soft Toys
SKU: No.48151-51

It’s time for a sleepover party! Each of these cute animal hug pillows has put on their best party hats ready to come and meet you. Currently available are DinosaurSharkCat, Anteater, Pug, Lobster, Lizard and Jellyfish. Each is a great buddy to share a room with.


Anteater : 39cm x 62cm
Pig : 34cm x 57 cm
Dino : 32cm x 62cm
Shark : 26cm x 63cm
Neko Cat : 35cmx64cm
Lobster : 42cm x 62cm
Lizard : 24cm x 62cm
Jellyfish : 27cm x 60cm



Sides: Polyester 95%, Polyurethane 5%

Internal: 100% Polyester