KF80 Block Filter - 10 pcs | LeMASKA

Type: Mask

Use the KF80 Block Filter with LeMASKA. 

KF, short for Korea Filter, is the standard for face masks specified by the Korea national health insurance authority. A number of well-known Korean professional doctors and public media have issued the latest information: KF80 mask is sufficient to prevent the virus and can be worn well. 

LeMASKA Block Filter KF80 passed the KF80 test by Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute (KATRI) on October, 2019. 

We would use LeMASKA when we go to less crowded spaces as the protection is sufficient. For an added protection, insert LeMASKA KF80 Black Filter in the inner layer of LeMASKA for P1 filtration that filter out 80% of particulate matter. 


  • Adhesive stickers included
  • 10pcs of 3-ply Filter per pack