Keepcup x Sea Shepherd Series 12oz | Reusable Coffee Cup

Type: Reusable Cup

Sea Shepherd vessels patrol the oceans on the front line of ocean conservation. They use non-violent and direct action, and the power of the camera to prevent illegal activity in the world's oceans. Sea Shepherd KeepCups support the mission to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans. 

Keepcup donates 40% of all Sea Shepherd KeepCup sales to Sea Shepherd Australia.

"We buy a bottle of water in the city, where clean water comes out in its taps. You know, back in 1965, if someone said to the average person 'in 30 years you are going to buy water in plastic bottles and pay more for that water than for gasoline?' everybody would look at you like you're completely out of your mind" - Paul Watson - Founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society