Green Capsule - Cactus | Seishin Japan | Mini Growing Kit

Type: Growing Kit
SKU: GD-92101

Green Capsule is cultivation kit for growing plants by sowing seeds into mini pot. This series of cultivation kit allows you to grow cacti with all that is needed to start in a gacha capsule!

Enjoy and have fun after opening which cactus is in it! Sow the seeds, sprout, splinters ... Watch the slow growth warmly. 

Cactus variety introduction

(1) Round cactus A (Echino): Characterized by sharp thorns. A representative species of spherical cactus.

(2) Round cactus B (Fero Cylinderaceus): Characterized by beautiful thorns. Growth is slow.

(3) Pillar cactus (Saguaro): Characterized by a pillar-like shape. A wild cactus.

(4) Uchiwa cactus (Opuntia): Characterized by a flat fan-shaped shape. Easy to grow.

Product size: W6.5 cm x H7 cm (capsule size) 

Set contents Pot: / swelling soil / seed / instruction manual