Garlic Twist G4 | Nextrend | Garlic Slicer

Type: Home-ware

NEW GT4. Already a best seller internationally and winner of numerous industry awards, the new 4th generation Garlic Twister has been updated inside and out. Focusing on modern function and design, the GT4 improves upon the simplest, most effective garlic tool available, and unlike a press, does not smash or waste any garlic. Consisting of just two parts, with cross-cutting teeth to do the hard work for you, the Garlic Twister makes it easy to mince garlic, ginger, carrots, shallots and pepper in seconds.


  • Available in clear, green and purple
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Removes garlic peel quickly
  • Controls mincing for coarse to fine textures
  • Multipurpose, try ginger, olive, chilli pepper, onion, herbs, nuts and more!
  • Minces entire garlic clove, leaving no waste
  • Safe and simple to rinse clean
  • Lifetime warranty for durability