Enjoy Planter Vege and Flower | Seishin Japan | Soil-based Growing Kit

Type: Growing Kit
SKU: GD-932

Enjoy Planter is cultivation set to grow. It comes with a colourful planter that holds 2 litres of soil. Upholstery plants grow robustly by firmly rooted with a large amount of soil.

Grow healthy ingredients at home that can be used for cooking or snacks. With the Enjoy Planter set, you can experience cultivation without a field. Look forward to the fruit/flower blooming right in your home!

Available in 3 types of plants:

  1. Mini-Sunflower
  2. Mini-Tomato
  3. Edamame

Product size: W23.5cm x D14.5cm x H11.5cm

Set contents: Color planter / potting soil / seed / instruction / fertilizer