DAPER : The Revolution of Calendar

Type: Calender
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Daperis an exquisite tear-off daily calendar which is originated from Chinese Almanac and written in English. Combining ancient wisdom and modern culture, we keep the most valuable part of the original and turn it into a stylish and multi-purpose civil calendar that enriches your daily lives.

Chinese Almanac is an integration of scientific analysis with astrological observation. Nowadays, it is still popular in Chinese society, but almost half of its contents are no longer used in modern lives and not everyone can read classical Chinese.

That is why we need Daper.

In the 21st century, the Gregorian Calendar has become the most widely used civil calendar. However, Chinese Almanac has not been completely replaced as it still takes care of peoples needs, especially when it comes to the days which denotes something about farming, festivals, celebrations, marriage, naming, Feng Shui, etc.

Paper consists of the element of the Gregorian Calendar and the information from Chinese Almanac, which is killing two birds with one stone. Not only knowing what day it is, you can also find out the Dos and donts of the day, notice the daily auspicious hours, get inspired by the daily quote, create your to-do list - you name it.