Tayto Potato Mochi Plush | Smoko | Soft Toy

Type: Plush Toys
SKU: SKO02314

Your favourite couch potato companion is now a Mochi Plush! Mochi (pronounced mo-chee) are cute round buns made of soft and chewy rice. A traditional food that is often eaten during the Japanese New Year.

Tayto in this Mochi form is the perfect size to really get a good cuddle happening, as they will fit right into your arms snugly. The Tayto Potato Mochi Plush can also double as a very soft cushion.

Rest your tired body against their squishy embrace during your binge-watching, endless snacking, or napping.

The Basics: 

  • Material content: Polyester stuffing
  • Size: Approx. 13"
  • Imported

Care & Content:

  • Spot clean only

This product will be shipped in a vacuum-sealed bag. Upon receiving your package, please open the bag and allow 5-7 days for the plush to return its original fluffiness.