Cognitive Cards | Mideer | Educational Game

SKU: MD2042

Cognitive flashcards are beautifully illustrated cards with life scenes to allow children to learn through play. Smooth touch, round edge, easy to understand, in line with the children's cognitive development.

Contrast the pictures on the card with real things, enhance cognitive ability, and remember words. Cards offer children room to think, while cultivating children's intelligence and imagination, and also enhance the children's aesthetic ability.
An excellent tool to promote a child's vocabulary and speaking skills

  • Product Size : 18.5cm x 12.5 cm
  • 2 Level Available
    • Basic Level - Based on the Cognition
    • Advanced Level - Encyclopedia of life
  • Cognitive Learning
    • Colour Cognition
    • Weather Cognition
    • Shape Cognition
    • Fruit Cognition
    • Action Cognition
    • Animal Cognition
  • 16 Card in a box
  • Thickness, Texture & Durability
  • Pull Open Design For Children