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Type: Map
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A world map of the most outrageous (and useless) facts. Can a woman really marry a rock? Which president was peed on by a monkey? How contagious is laughter?

The WTFact Map comes to you covered in a silver scratch-off layer. Your mission: Guess the fact based on the hint and illustration, then scratch off the coating to see if you are victorious. Accumulate an amazing knowledge of random facts and be crowned the king (or queen) of small talk.

- High-quality offset print on silk-coated 150lb art paper
- Scratch coating for maximum awesomeness
- 97,5 x 56 cm (38" x 22")

About this Map

Lars is the head illustrator behind all Awesome Maps CLASSIC MAPS that are made old-school style - with pen and paper. 

All Awesome Maps are printed in Berlin, Germany.