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Keep the coolest travel journal on your next trip. The Journal Map is coming with you, crumpled folded, squashed and balled up into the bottom of your bag.

The Journal Map is made of writable, waterproof, tear proof material.
When you return home, the Journal Map will look great on your wall reminding you of the good times.

- Made of writable, waterproof, tear proof material - can be crumpled, folded, squashed and balled up 
- High-quality print on Tyvek® paper, only 20 grams
- 60 x 40 cm (23.6" x 15.7")
- Packaging: 6,1 x 9,3 x 2,4 cm (2.4" x 3.7" x 0.9")

About this Map

Eva Dietrich a.k.a. "leela cat" illustrated the Journal Map as well as our Sketch Map. She found her style in simple, bizarre and distorted black and white illustrations.
"I love city trips. Working on the maps showed me that there is so much more to see and experience. The world is calling..."