Surftrip re-writable Map| Awesome Maps | World Activities Map

Type: Map
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This map shows you the sweetest spots across the globe. Over 1000 surf spots, information about wave quality, water temperature, peak season, shark attacks and more.

Discover the best barrels and the best logs to hang ten - along with destinations you probably never considered, and strategize your summer in style.

Our deluxe whiteboard coating makes the colors pop and the map fully customizable. 
- High-quality offset print on silk-coated 150lb art paper
- Whiteboard Coating for re-writability
- 97,5 x 56 cm (38" x 22")

About this Map

Lars is the head illustrator behind all Awesome Maps CLASSIC MAPS that are mader old-school style - with pen and paper. 

The Surftrip Map has been the first map developed by Awesome Maps. Our founder Simon was searching the web for a world map with all surf spots. He couldn't find one and decided to make one on his own.