Awesome Map - Kids Map Sticker re-writable (EN)

Type: Map
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The Kids Map (for kids 4-12 yrs) is combining our high-quality map with 140 fun, hand-illustrated stickers to guide tiny travelers through a world of animals, places and cultures.

Every Kids Map has three elements: The world map base, 140 re-attachable stickers and an explanation sheet to help parents explain the stickers. 

Additionally, we offer a Kids Map card game. We've created a series of simple, fun exploration games to keep you and your kids playing for hours while learning about our world.

- Writable with a dry-erase marker
- High-quality offset print on silk-coated 150lb art paper
- 140 re-attachable awesome stickers 
- Explanation sheet for parents 
- 97,5 x 56 cm (38" x 22")

Same map as above but with 140 playing cards. The cards spark questions on a range of topics and let kids explore the world while playing.
- Kids Map, 97,5 x 56 cm (38" x 22")
- 140 re-attachable stickers + explanation sheet
- plus 140 XXL playing cards in 8x11 cm (3.1" x 4.4")

About this Map

Lars is the head illustrator behind the Kids Map which is made old-school style - with pen and paper. 

All Awesome Maps are printed in Berlin, Germany.