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The Climbing Map shows you the world of climbing, from trad and sport climbing at the magical Red River Gorge and Frankenjura, bouldering in Fontainebleau to deep water soloing on Majorca and the most scenic crags in Yangshuo, China.

Over 300 climbing areas and crags, information on climbing types, number of routes, heights and levels.

Our deluxe whiteboard coating doesn’t just make the colours pop. It lets you customize the map by highlighting your favourite spots, making a checklist of past destinations or planning your next adventure!

Our deluxe whiteboard coating makes the colours pop and the map fully customizable.

  • High-quality offset print on silk-coated 150lb art paper
  • Whiteboard Coating for re-writability
  • 97,5 x 56 cm (38" x 22")