Artistic Chinese Cultural Puzzle | Mideer | 300 - 512 pieces Jigsaw Puzzle | Artist Collection Ye Lu Ying

SKU: MD3158

Mideer and Ye Luying (叶露盈) has collaborated to create a series of traditional Chinese Culture Jigsaw Puzzles suitable for children age 6 and above. The gorgeous and elegant colours add spice to the beautiful and romantic stories and is a great way for children to appreciate the traditional Chinese culture through puzzles solving.

Ye Luying (叶露盈) is an acclaimed China artist who has won many awards including the 13th Golden Dragon Award for Chinese Animation, Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Competition, the Cheltenham Illustration Award and many more.

Comes in 3 designs

  1. Mulan - 300 pieces
  2. The Orchid Pavilion - 520 pieces
  3. Nymph of Luo River - 512 pieces

Come with
  • Metal Pin Included
  • Reference Picture Included
  • Story booklet Included