About Us

Miss Hosay is a brand by Shinnpark Pte Ltd created to empower you the power to concoct the perfect remedy for a loved one, through the delivery of a handpicked gift that is personal, intimate, and timeless.

Miss Hosay presents, in a traditional and homely setting, a treasure trove of magnificent gems from elegantly handcrafted vintage curios, 20th-century postmodern inspirations, leading up to present day avant-garde gifts. There is always something for your special someone. Immerse in a setting so familiar, yet unparalleled. You’ll find yourself listening, not to yourself, but the tales of each gift, all as unique as those destined to receive it.

Miss Hosay will be opening in a new mall sometime in 2019. Stay tuned for our opening announcement.

Name of Business : Shinnpark Pte Ltd

Company Registration : 201419442N
Place of Registration: Singapore
Contact: hello@shinnpark.com