About Us

Gin is the founder of Miss Hosay, a homegrown lifestyle business. She discovered her passion and flair for art since young and pursued her love for design with a course in Interactive Media Design at Temasek Polytechnic (Singapore). Upon graduation, she was awarded a design scholarship and furthered her studies with a degree in New Media Design from Swinburne University (Australia). After more than 8 years in the advertising industry and managing a thriving online shop on the side, she made the leap to being an entrepreneur with the launch of ShinnPark in 2008.

ShinnPark is a lifestyle-oriented business with distribution networks to cafes and other lifestyle stores around Singapore. In 2018, she created a new business concept — Miss Hosay, a wellness and gift store with curated thoughtful well-made items for the modern sustainable lifestyle. Outside of work, Gin devotes herself to her two young children with eczema and finding natural remedies to improve their quality of living.

Her current interests lie in sustainability issues, lettering design and creating bespoke family trees.