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Type: Soft Toys
SKU: No.48452-11

Cool embracing pillow comes with 4 different design. The cool smooth dough (stomach area) will make you feel cool and comfortable even on hot days. Highly recommended item for relaxing and rest time.


シロクマラッキー(Lucky Bear): W53xD23xH14cm

あざらしグー(Goo Seal)W50xD28xH14cm

フレンチブルドッグブブル(Pug): W53xD25xH13.5cm

くじらカナロア(Kanaloa Whale): W47xD23xH16cm


Sides: Polyester 95%, Polyurethane 5%

Stomach Area: 100% Nylon

Internal: 100% Polyester