World Health Day 2020

World Health Day 2020

World Health Day 2020

Support Nurses and Midwives

To thank all our frontline heroes for their unconditional sacrifices, from 7 - 30 April 2020 we will be offering 50% off all Zing Anything products. 

Promo Code: WHD2020


This year's World Health Day has been dedicated to supporting nurses and midwives that help us live in a happier and healthier world. It is important to shine a light on the critical role health care workers play in keeping our world healthy. With the current international situation of COVID-19, health care workers are at the forefront of this pandemic by risking their lives to provide high quality, respectful treatment and care to everyone. 

So our team at Miss Hosay are eager to show our support to all health care workers in Singapore and thank them for their service! From 7 - 30 April 2020, we will be offering 50% off all Zing Anything products. If you want to thank someone who has helped you these past months or you know someone working hard in the frontline, we hope this will be helpful for you.

During these difficult times, it is essential for everyone to take steps in prioritising health and nutrition. For healthcare workers who are working around the clock now more than ever is the time to practise healthy eating to keep one's immune system in top condition. For all other Singaporeans who are staying at home during this circuit breaker, you should also remember to eat consciously and exercise whenever you can.  


The Zing Anything line is a great way of enhancing the health benefits of what we drink and eat every day. Whether you are at work, home, school, or on the go, Zing Anything is a fun and healthy ally in your everyday nutrition.

Everyone knows the importance of staying hydrated and with our Zing Anything water bottles it not only enhances the health benefits of water, but it also creates refreshingly flavoured drinks.

With a variety of designs to choose from to suit your lifestyle, combining flavour and nutrition is easy with the Aqua, Vodka or Salad Zinger


Citrus Zinger Original / Zing Anything / Infuse Water Bottle 


Zingo Clear / Zing Anything / Infuse Water Bottle


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Salad Zinger White / Zing Anything / Dressing Container 


These are just some of the Zing Anything products we have on our e-store, do check out Zing Anything page for the full product line! 

Below is a link on recipes for staying healthy with your Zing Anything:


We hope that everyone is staying safe and staying at home! Remember to take conscious steps in being healthy during this circuit breaker. As for the health care workers all around the world working hard to keep us safe, we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts and are grateful for your service. 


Is there anyone you would like to thank on World Health Day? What are you doing to stay healthy during this period?  Do share with us below or on our Facebook/Instagram @misshosay.

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