The Female Fashion Fatales: What to Wear This Spring/Summer 2020

The Female Fashion Fatales: What to Wear This Spring/Summer 2020

The Female Fashion Fatales: What to Wear This Spring/Summer 2020

The fashion industry is one comprising of limitless creativity and imagination. Dominated by the best fashion designers, the runway shows always show off the unique styles of certain brands. Vision comes to life in the various fashion capitals during Fashion Weeks, when models strut to upbeat music in the fiercest outfit, shoes and other accessories. Even after decades of fashion shows, it never gets old to see how various designers play at their ideas of style, striking the perfect balance on the tightrope of practicality and the wow factor. 

The latest fashion shows for the 2020 Spring/Summer collection was more than eye-opening. Every major brand who had the honour to garner worldwide attention on the global runway did not disappoint, revealing the essence of their brand with specific styles. Here are 5 brands and their interpretation for the start of 2020:


1. Checkers? Check!

For the Spring/Summer show this year, Chanel sent a gaggle of models donning colour-contrasting checkered garments that may be confusing on the eye at first, but slowly drew me in. The runway for the Chanel 2020 Spring/Summer was filled with parallel lines in the form of squares, boxes of various kinds. A very interesting and persistent theme by Chanel this Spring/Summer.


(Video by Chanel on YouTube)


2. V-Neck, Slender Silhouette with Knee High Boots, Classy!

Summer means a great summer outfit to show off the body! If you are down to feel sexy in your body, Yves Saint Laurent has got you covered with their 2020 Spring/Summer collection. The "don't mess with me" attitude can be felt strongly from this collection. Models were clad in dominantly black outfits, with sequins and some netting to show off one's confidence as they strut down the runway with their head head high. 


(Video bySaint Laurent on YouTube)


3. Oversized, Eccentric Colours, "Mismatched" Fabrics!

We think that Gucci went all-out eccentric this season, and we aren't mad about it! Alessandro Michele, the current creative designer since 2015, has catapulted Gucci back into the spotlight in fashion, breathing life into the brand with vibrant neons and huge thick-rimmed sunglasses (some spotting a long chain joining one end to the other aka Grandma's reading glasses, but make it fashion). Mismatched prints were also spotted, together with a lot of netting, tulle materials incorporated in different ways. Every piece almost seemed like a jarring protest to fashion as we know it, which was honestly an experience!


(Video by Gucci on YouTube)


4. Tropical and Puffed Shoulders Ready for Business!

Versace surprised us with a strong femme vibe with a line of no-nonsense, solid coloured pieces. In the 2020 Spring/Summer fashion displays, Versace went all-out, prowling through the tropics with more skin-showing outfits that beat the heat. Besides the tropical outfits, there are also more "wearable" outfits that are casual-formal, with more bright, Spring colour that contain certain pieces that accentuated the shoulders.

 (Video by Versace on YouTube)


5. Ruffles and Grandiose, A Fancy Dress Party!

Valentino has been upping their fashion game, and their fashion pieces have been amazing, coming up with designs that are out of the box, breaking the norms of fashion show after show. This 2020 Spring/Summer show brings renaissance back to the table,with the ruffles and grand outfits, adding a chic touch onto the outfits.



While we know that the world of fashion is ever-changing, the outfits we put ourselves in should be inspiring and makes you feel good. What should we do on a day when there is "nothing to wear" or a day when we simply do not know what to wear?


Fashion oracles

While most of us could never afford a stylist, we can still get quality fashion advice from top fashion designers all around the world with this deck of fashion oracle cards. Struggling to define your style? Worried your thinking is so last season? Want to break out of the box, but not sure how? The fashion advice from Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld and a host of great fashion photographers, models and muses are here to help. Simply select any card from the pack, choose the oracle’s advice on attitude, style or inspiration and any obstacle becomes surmountable. The accompanying booklet features the oracles’ fascinating biographies.




How about accessories?

Accessories are like toppings on a blank canvas cake. Adding a bracelet, earring, necklace or ring will either make or break your look! Accessories can be purely decorative, or meaningful. May we suggest an accessory that 



What is your mantra in life? What keeps you grounded and motivates you? Let your accessories speak for you with Mantrabands that come in 3 colours: Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. 

Fashion tip: Look at your skin tone and choose the Mantraband colour that will best complement your skin. That way, your skin will look a lot more radiant, and the Mantraband will pop as an expressive fashion statement!


 These beautiful words are engraved onto our Mantrabands so you can trace your finger over your mantra to feel it etched onto your mind
 (Image by Mantraband on Pinterest) 



Whatever your fashion choices may be, I hope that the 2020 Spring/Summer fashion shows have been inspiring, especially Gucci's rebellious attitude, allow you to make bold fashion choices and try out pieces and styles that you have never dared to try. Fashion is all about what inspires and there are no rules to it so let your body do all the talking! 



~Have a ho (good) day! 😊~

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