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Staying Home Amidst the Coronavirus Does Not Have to Be Boring

Staying Home Amidst the Coronavirus Does Not Have to Be Boring

Staying home and practising social distancing during this Coronavirus crisis does not have to be a drag! 

With the current situation of the Coronavirus, many of us have been advised to stay home and avoid public places and large gatherings. Moreover, this week is a school holiday and many of us originally have plans to travel out. Unfortunately having to cancel these holiday plans with family and friends, and resorting to staying at home instead must be a bummer. 

Are you looking for some activities to do while coping up at home? Below are seven fun and engaging activities to make the most of that time at home.

Indulge in some Games & Embrace Your Competitive Side 

1) Mafia, The World`s Deadliest Party Game | Laurence King | Role-playing strategy game

Mafia is not just a party game, it is easy to play and great for all groups and ages.

"Engage in a tangled web of intrigue, subterfuge, wild accusations, protestations of innocence and bluffing."

2) Going, Going, Gone! | Laurence King | A High-Stakes Board Game

Satisfy your curiosity of the rich and famous, and pretend to be millionaire art collectors in this high stakes board game.

"In this board game for up to six players, you travel the world as an art collector scouring the auction houses, visiting art fairs, and making private deals in search of elusive artworks to complete your collection."

Work Your Brain by Piecing a Puzzle Together 

Relax with a jigsaw puzzle and feel a sense of achievement when all of you complete it!

3) The Story of Impressionism | Laurence King | Jigsaw Puzzle 

"Piece together the Paris of the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painters and discover the people and places that helped create the modern world."

Grow Something & Reap the Harvest 

Have fun putting together the growing kits with your family!

4) KOKE BON | Seishin Tougei | Moss / Racomitrium japonicum Growing Kit

5) DELISH GARDEN | Seishin Tougei | Herbs Growing Kit


"Gardening for Dummies"

Colour Your Day Away

From stressed-out adults to energetic kids, colouring is an activity that all ages can enjoy.

6) To the Ends of the Earth and Back Again - The Longest Colouring Book in the World


"Come on a new magical colouring adventure, from your home right the way to the ends of the earth"

Boredom Busting Activity Books for the Family

Inspire creativity and make the most of that family time together right at the comfort of your own home.

7) Read All About It | Laurence King | DIY Book


"From animal safaris and recipes to you and your family, pick your favourite topics and get going"


Which of the above 7 activities will you be looking forward to trying? Whatever you decide to do during this time staying at home, remember to wash your hands and take precautionary measures to stay safe and positive! #SGunite

Do share with us below or on Facebook/Instagram @misshosay on what you get up to during this period and how's everything going where you live right now!

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