Phase 2 Of Singapore's Reopening: 6 Activities To Do

Phase 2 Of Singapore's Reopening: 6 Activities To Do

Phase 2 Of Singapore's Reopening: 6 Activities To Do

These past two months the weather in Singapore has been ridiculously hot, and it seems to be persisting in the coming weeks. Have you been feeling lethargic while melting in the confines of your home?

With Phase 2 just around the corner, we finally have the option to do some fun family activities to reprieve us from the sweltering Singapore heat! I will be sharing 6 things and activities to do during Phase 2 in this hot summer weather 

Do take the necessary precautions and check out the link below for important information about Phase 2 when it starts on 19 June 2020.

1. Get your body moving by going cycling/walking
With most parks and trails opening in Phase 2, it is time for the family to get some vitamin D! Make full use of the sun by going on a nice stroll or having a cycling day with your family this weekend. 


2. Dine-in at your favourite restaurant
I am sure we are all a little sick of home-cooked food by now, get the family excited by dining in at a favourite restaurant. After dinner, you all can indulge in some dessert to end off a perfect family day. 
Remember to keep to a maximum of 5 people and ensure safe distancing at all times. 


3. Have a family game day at home
If your family prefer to avoid the sun, get some fun and entertaining games to keep your mind off the heat. 

For families with young children, here are some recommendations: 

Search and Find Puzzle | Mudpuppy | 64 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle

I Saw it First: Jungle | Laurence King | Spotting Game

Bingo Game | Laurence King | Illustrated Species
Activity Roll | Mudpuppy | Coloring roll

Elephants on Tour | Laurence King | Spotting Game  
For families with mainly adults, here are some recommendations:

Autocomplete: The Game | Chronicles Book | Guessing Game

Movie Misquote Game | Laurence King | Adult Game

Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner | Laurence King | Activities Games

After Dinner Amusement | Chronicles Books | Word Game


Going, Going, Gone! | Laurence King | A High-Stakes Board Game   

Just Between Us | Chronicles Book | Family Conversation Cards Game  

4. Head down to the beach
What better place to go when the sun’s out than the beach? Have some bonding time down at Sentosa or East Coast Park with your family (and dog). After almost 2 months of staying home, this is a well-deserved outing you all need. 

5. Bring your kids to an outdoor playground
Good news for parents with young children, playgrounds are finally open in Phase 2! Has your kid been asking to go to the playground these 2 months? The time has finally come for them to release some of their energy with some swinging and sliding fun. 

6. Go for some retail therapy 
Shopping malls and retail stores are finally allowed to open! For those who want to head out but prefer the chilly air condition instead of the heat, head on to your favourite mall and enjoy some air-conditioned retail therapy.
Note that malls and large standalone retail outlets must restrict capacity and prevent crowds or long queues from building up.

Even though we are all excited to head out and have fun in Phase 2, remember to always exercise caution and be socially responsible! 
What are you most excited to do in Phase 2? Share with us below or on our Facebook/Instagram @misshosay, we would love to hear from you!  

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