My Best Kind of DAD!

My Best Kind of DAD!

My Best Kind of DAD!

“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song.” — Pam Brown


Pam Brown hits the bull-eyes with her description of all Dad! Father's Day is an opportunity for us to honour them for all the sacrifice they gave for the family. Be it a new dads, old dads, granddads, dads-in-law, stepdads, shy dads, stressed dads, without a doubt, all of them deserve our love and respect! 

This year, we'll like to share some of the lovely kind of Dad you will adore and a little gift that he will enjoy!

1) Man of the Family

He is the ideal family man who love to spend his free time with the family than a drinking session with his pal. His family is most important to him and eager to watch the kids grow up and share their milestones. 

There is no better gift than a family game for this Dad. It is time to have lots of fun, laughters and maybe some tears playing together with the "Mafia Game"! Maybe  he has the inert boss kingpin character that was never revealed or his hidden talent of a detective genius. It is time to find out!

2) Star Wars Fanboy

What is your DAD favourite pet phrase? Is it "May the Force be with You" or "This is the Way"? You definitely have a Star Wars fan-dad at home. 

The Keepcup x Star Wars Collector's Set will be a great addition to his much treasured Star Wars collection! #thisistheway

3) Golfer Dad

What is your Dad's handicap number? Or maybe he is more of a pro in watching and following Dustin Johnson on TV with the World Golf Championship Series. We are sure that the Awesome Maps -  Golf Map will be the gift that he did not knew he needed! 

4) The Gardening Dad

Have you realised that your home is becoming much "greener" recently especially when he started to work from home (WFH)? Has he start planting exotic plants instead of just keep to the usual herbs and vegetables? Now you can challenge him to the next level of gardening by growing his own Japanese Bonsai

5) The Cycling Dad

Do you remember the time when you Dad teaches you how to ride a bicycle with tons of patience? Now that you have master it, he is exploring the world with his bicycle again. The Bicycle Travel Journal will be a great companion for him while he explore.

6) Soccer Fans

He loves soccer is an under-statement. If he eat, sleep and breathe soccer, you know this "Goal! - Trump Card" is the fantastic gift you can get him.  

7) Photography Nerd

When your dad decides that a smartphone with 12x optical zoom is no longer good enough and start getting himself that $3000 dollar DSLR camera. You knew instantly that he is ready to take his photography game to a whole new level. "Read this to take Great Photograph" book will help him develop his passion in Photography. "Use this if you want to take great photograph" can also be a good alternative.

8) Globetrotter

He is always travelling for business and sometime leisure. Soarigami will be his best companion in those long hours flight. The portable armrest extender and divider will double the usable space for him to have an enjoyable trip.

9) Fishing Dad

Whether he's an expert angler or a novice to fishing, one thing that all fishing hobbyist has in common is finding the best spot to lay their bait. Awesome Maps - Fishing Map is a world map that shows your dad the best fishing spot around the world that he must visit and hone his fishing technique to the max. 

10) The Spiritual (Zen) Dad

Meditation and harmonising to the nature is his way of life. The "Koko Biyori" kit lets him create a moss garden in a pottery square bowl with the Kuroishi and mini lanterns, Sakura and Momiji. If he is practising Yoga, these gifts will be a good alternatives.

So which Kind of Dad is yours? #Iloveudad #happyfathersday

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