Who are the Halloween Monsters?

Who are the Halloween Monsters?

Who are the Halloween Monsters?


Melancholy monsters in the midnight, maneuvering their mucky faces, hands and feet (if existent) in the majestic moonlight. It’s Halloween, and we are out to play.

…   …   …   …   …


My name is Eric, and I am the green monster that looks like a single eye. I enjoy dressing up a lot. My favourite outfit is this colourful stretchy wool sweater that covers everything except my eyeball. This small black hat is my favourite hat, and I wear it all the time!

I know humans like to paint us as bad and evil, but really, we just want to play and have fun! My friends and I come out to explore the human world every Halloween. Let me introduce them to you!




Bones is a funny guy, he is made up of all bones! One of the things we enjoy the most about Bones is his funny Halloween dance. He shakes and jiggles to the rhythm, and his bones rattle with him too! He likes to ‘play dead’ a lot to scare others when he wakes up with a roar. He is quite a handful, but we love Bones!




Charline is a bubbly friend who always has that pink bow in her hair. Can you guess what her favourite colour is? Pink! Her body is pink from head to toe but you can see her wearing a pair of blue gloves and matching blue socks because she is afraid of the cold! She has a beautiful pair of big eyes, a yellow button nose, and the most cheerful smile.



We like to call BooBoo our Boo, because underneath his grey body, red-green eyes and furrowed brows, he is actually a really sweet friend. He likes to tell us spooky stories and jokes, but he also takes care of us. Boo makes the best chicken noodle soup and he always serves it warm whenever we fall sick. BooBoo also knows where the best ice-cream in town is. Boo is my best friend, we bought our hats together as a symbol of our friendship!




Annabelle is the best hugger out of all of us! She is the biggest but most gentle monster who gives the best hugs ever! Annabelle listens to us when we are sad and will be there for us whenever we need a friend. Annabelle is also an amazing baker! She makes the best brownies and chocolate fudge ever, which goes really well with the ice-cream BooBoo recommends.




George is the most playful out of all of us, often teasing us and pulling things from afar with his long and twisty arms. He always has a cheeky smile and the loudest laugh. Image the room we are in shaking in George’s laughter. Although he is a prankster, he makes all of our outings fun and exciting!



Every Halloween, the six of us go out to play in the fields. We would crawl into a cozy cave and play games like "Truth or Spook", "What Time Is It, Mr Vampire?", and "Scary Bingo".

After a fun afternoon, Annabelle would whip out her freshly baked batch of skull cookies and slightly soggy bloody finger fries dipped in red ketchup. After a nice snack, BooBoo would bring us to his favourite ice creamery in town and we would always order the Halloween special: The Franken-Mix! It is a green, minty gelato with crunchy chocolate spiders and candy-bones drizzled in red strawberry sauce. We'd always lick the bowl clean!

Later, we would get back to our cave and watch scary movies all night when sky is dark. I would bring blankets and George would bring cushions but hide whoopie cushions inside them. We'd all have a good laugh when we sit on them and the whoopie cushions make various fart noises.

At midnight, we would have a mini dance party and Bones would be crushing the competition! Right before we go to bed, Charline would tell us spooky bedtime stories with a torch shining onto her bright pink face. If we got scared, she would assure us that it is all fiction.

Finally, we would slowly drift off into a deep sleep, with happy tummies and a heart full of warmth.




I hope that your Halloween was as spooky and exciting as mine was. Happy Halloween friends!

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