It's the season of LOVE

It's the season of LOVE

It's the season of LOVE

Five hundred twenty-five thousand minutes. How many of that time do you think of your loved ones? 

For me, I have to be honest, with all the hustle and rush living in a highly stressful urban city like Singapore probably less than 20% of that Five hundred twenty-five thousand minutes. Valentines Day is thus a timely reminder to "remember the love" as so aptly mentioned in the lyrics of the song "Season of Love".

Many of us have different ways to spend this time with our love. Some prefer to have a lavish dinner at some posh restaurant. Some will catch a lovey-dovey movie in a couple-seat at the cinema. Or maybe you are just like me who will go the traditional route of buying a simple gift. Regardless which is your preference, it is always the time together that really counts.

Even a simple gift buying can be an uphill battle to decide what to buy. For this season, I have compiled some of my favourite "love" theme gift for 2020. 

Love Oracle

Love Oracles is a series of charming and engaging card decks designed to guide and inspire. Horoscope aficionados, astrology enthusiasts, and star-crossed lovers can use the Love Oracles to ask history’s most famous lovers for advice on romantic life and relationships. It is the perfect gift for those looking for a lighthearted break from tarot cards and a fitting activity for Valentine’s Day.

 Love Oracle

Celebrity Love Match

Maybe you are already planning to have a nice dinner this valentines day and still need a special gift to impress your date this Valentines Day? Celebrity Love Match will be a great gift if your partner is a fan of pop culture. Through this game, you will be able to entertain your love with your knowledge of the ever-shifting world of celebrity romance. To play, simply place the cards face down (like a typical memory game) and see if you can remember where their current or former love interest is located. It even comes with an accompanying booklet that reveals the stories and scandals behind the love matches, making this an ideal gift for all fans of celebrity gossip.

Love and Romance

Love movies but not so much into gossiping? Fret not. We have the exact game that you can play. Do you know which movie is the most heartbreaking, Titanic or The Notebook? Is Dirty Dancing cheesier than Love Story? And which film is the most quotable, The Princess Bride or Casablanca? Love and Romance is a trump card game that will allow you and your love to rediscover your favourite romantic movies and pit them against each other with these 32 trump cards.


Map of Love

Do you love to travel especially with your loved ones?  If so, we have a map for cool couples like yours. Map of Love allows you to commemorate important relationship milestones with the included sticker-set. The map will also be able to assist you to plan the next best trips-for-two in every country you can think of travel on this earth.

 Letters to My Love

They said; The pen is mightier than the sword. What can beat you writing 12 different love letter to declare how much he/she meant to you? Like a dozen grand gestures in one, Letters to my Love provides an innovative format to invites romantics like you to declare your affection to your beloved in 12, fold-and-mail letters to be opened in the future. 


Action speaks louder than words. Is gardening one of your loved ones passion? If so, this lovely heart-shaped basin of the Heartomato will serve as a testimony of both of your firm love for each other. Even the tomato, when sliced into half, will show a heart shape which can then turn it into a dish full of love, dedicated to your beloved!


No matter what gifts you decided to get. Always ask, how many of the Five hundred twenty-five thousand minutes did you remember the love?

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