Everything You Need to Know About KeepCup Thermals

Everything You Need to Know About KeepCup Thermals

Everything You Need to Know About KeepCup Thermals

KeepCup started in Melbourne with a simple idea, “Keep it and use it again”. KeepCup was launched in 2009 with each design being a barista standard reusable cup for people to enjoy better coffee on the go.

KeepCup’s latest product “KeepCup Thermal” has finally launched in Singapore and here’s everything you need to know about it!

“Designed for lasting drinking pleasure on the go” 

Barista Standard Stainless Steel

KeepCup thermal uses stainless steel 18/8 which is well known for its antibacterial and hygienic properties, making it easy to clean with no metallic aftertaste. It is also durable, has reuse longevity and is 100% recyclable. 

Some information on stainless steel, it is used in most cooking appliances like utensils and dishware, as it is durable, easy to sanitize and corrosion resistant to many acids found in meats, milk, vegetables etc. It is also safer, unlike other materials, as there are no chemicals that can migrate into the food.


Double Walled and Vacuum Sealed

Good thermal capabilities and cool to the touch even with hot coffee in the Keepcup Thermal.

Being double-walled and vacuum-sealed allows for better heat retention for hot beverages while also keeping cold drinks chilled for longer. Keepcup Thermal is ideal for a wide range of drinks from a latte to an iced tea. Especially in the hot Singapore weather, this cup is perfect for an iced Americano.


Hard and Splashproof Lid

Like all KeepCups, the lid of the KeepCup thermal is splash-proof and with a hard lid that provides ease of use and drinking pleasure. The lid and plug are also recyclable and replaceable components of the KeepCup.  

Having a splash-proof lid is useful especially when on the go and rushing to work you don't have to worry about any leaking. Other daily activities like coffee in the car or getting coffee to go while walking your dog is made more convenient with a splash-proof hard lid and easy to use plug. 


Available in Three Finishes

KeepCup Thermal is available in different finishes that all feel comfortable yet luxurious in hand. Take your pick on the variety of colours and different finishes.

Brushed finish in Nitro 
Stone finish in Black 
Soft Touch finish in Latte, Saskatoon, Alder and Spruce 

3 Different Sizes

These 3 different sizes are for all KeepCups and it replicates the internal volumes of disposable cups, making it easier for you and the barista.

You may feel shy to ask for your coffee in a reusable cup, but KeepCup makes it more convenient for the barista and many appreciate when you bring your own cup, especially one that replicates what they are familiar with!



XS: 6oz/177ml

M: 12oz/340ml

L: 16oz/454ml


I hope sharing these key pieces of information about the new KeepCup Thermal was helpful and it makes you hyped about the launch of this range!


KeepCup’s range of product also includes:  

Original is perfect for lovers of all types of coffee who need a dependable reusable on the go. 

It uses a lightweight durable plastic (non-toxic, BPA and BPS free) with near-endless options for personalisation

Brew is the premium drinking experience best suited to personal coffee rituals. The true coffee experience whenever you want. 

It uses tempered soda-lime glass that is durable, shock-resistant, dishwasher safe and withstands high temperatures.  


Are you excited about the launch of the KeepCup Thermal range and what are your thoughts about it? Do share with us below or on our Facebook/Instagram @misshosay.

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