Dumpling Festival Gift Ideas 2020

Dumpling Festival Gift Ideas 2020

Dumpling Festival Gift Ideas 2020

Dumpling Festival- also known as Duan Wu Jie, is traditionally held on the fifth day based off the lunar calendar. It is a form of commemoration for the famous poet & minister from 2000 years ago- Qu Yuan, where it has become customary to consume rice dumplings during this special day.

Here's a short background story of how the Dumpling Festival came about: Qu Yuan was a respectable and upright minister in the warring states during 340 - 278 BC who advocated reform but tragically died due to suicide when the King banished him from his home town which was then invaded. In order to prevent his body from being consumed by fishes, people made and threw dumplings also in hope of honoring his spirit.  

In fact, some of the most popular Chinese snacks include different types of dumplings made from dough such as Xiao Long Bao, rice dumplings etc. which has also become a big part of our Singaporean food culture such that they will be present in occasions like Chinese New Year and even eaten as a snack!      

With that being said, we would like to share with you some possible gift ideas for you and your loved ones during this festival which will bound to put a smile on everyone’s faces!


  1. Little B Dumpling Ambient Light

Look at this little cutie: Xiao Long Bao AKA Little B, a Smoko Dim Sum series character. Choose to light it up at night or leave it off in the day- with it by your side, you will never feel lonely! 


       Little B Dumpling Ambient Light | Smoko | Night Light



  1. Little B Dumpling Toasty Plush

Another of this little cutie from the same line: Little B Dumpling Plush. It comes with a microwavable pouch to keep you warm and toasty especially on cold nights where you can just give it a cuddle!


        Little B Dumpling Toasty Plush | Smoko | Soft Toy



  1. Little B Dumpling AirPod Case

To all the Apple users, you are in luck with this one! Also from the cutest Little B Dumpling series, keep your AirPods safe in the loving embrace of this super kawaii AirPods casing!

*Note that it is only for AirPod Gen 1 & Gen 2.


Smoko Airpod Case | Boba Tea & Little B Dumpling



What will you be doing to celebrate this Dumpling Festival? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know by sharing with us below or on our Facebook/Instagram @misshosay.

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