5 Reasons to Be Proud of Singapore

5 Reasons to Be Proud of Singapore

5 Reasons to Be Proud of Singapore

When was the last time you asked yourself why and are you proud to be a Singaporean?  

Very often we get caught up in the hustle of this buzzing Little Red Dot, and we forget to take a moment to appreciate the mundane things that we oftentimes take for granted. 

We at #TeamHosay can relate to that and in light of everything that is happening in the world right now, I feel immensely appreciative and privileged to be a Singaporean. So let me share with you 5 reasons why I am proud to be a Singaporean. 

1. Cheap and Amazing Food Everywhere

When I visit other countries like the US or Australia, I get reminded of how blessed I am in Singapore to have such inexpensive and delicious food. As I am not great at cooking I eat out a lot and in Singapore, you can get a yummy meal for only $4.

Some of my favourite food in Singapore include Chicken Rice, Bak Chor Mee (must add chilli and vinegar), Kway Chap, Handmade Mee Hoon Kuay and McSpicy. 

What is your favourite food? Do tell us in the comments below.

2. Efficient and Clean Transport System

With the increasing fares and seemingly frequent MRT breakdowns, it often overshadows everything good and I like many others take for granted of our competent and reliable transport system.

Our trains and buses are constantly improving, from new MRT lines to greener buses, which makes travelling from one end to the other even faster than it already is. 

Did you know that there will be 218 MRT and LRT stations around Singapore by 2031?

3. Safe Environment

As a woman, I often find myself being extremely conscious of my surroundings, especially at night but for reasons, you may not expect. Instead of being on the lookout for suspicious figures or anyone following me, I find myself being paranoid about things like rats in bushes or flying cockroaches. 

Singapore is known for being a safe country with low risk of mugging or kidnapping, and I agree wholehearted, but that’s not to say we should let our guard down. It is still important to be aware of your surroundings at all times!

4.Racial and Culture Inclusive 

I feel extremely proud of how far Singapore has come to become a multiracial and culture inclusive country. Though we have our fair share of discrimination and racism, especially towards minorities which should be highlighted, I admire the effort of the Government, Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and Foreigners on their constant effort of moving Singapore towards an inclusive and fair community.

(Photo credit: http://www.prischew.com/sports/running/racial-harmony-singapore/)

5. Stunning Airport 

Like many Singaporeans, I love to travel and it excites me to visit Changi Airport! From its stunning art installations to an abundance of activities, Changi Airport is one of Singaporean’s pride. After visiting a few cities and exploring different airports, it is safe to say we have the most aesthetically pleasing airport and very importantly (to me at least) nice and clean toilets. 

Do you know that our retail shop is also located at Jewel Changi Airport, #02-214?



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Writing this indeed remind me of how immensely proud I am to be a Singaporean and ending with some wise words from Mr Lee Kuan Yew, 

“A nation is not great by its size alone. It is the will, the cohesion, the stamina, the discipline of its people and the quality of their leaders which ensure it an honourable place in history.”


Which of these can you relate to and what are things that make you feel proud to be a Singaporean? Do share with us below or on our Facebook/Instagram @misshosay.

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