5 Ways the Internet Affect Our Lifestyle in 2020

5 Ways the Internet Affect Our Lifestyle in 2020

5 Ways the Internet Affect Our Lifestyle in 2020

Considering the whole COVID-19 situation happening in Singapore, I am sure that everyone has experienced how circuit breaker and staying at home has altered our daily routines for the best. During that period, there is still one thing that never changes- how the internet works.

Staying at home has shown us how an accessible internet can be helpful for us, especially when we must start adapting our once usual routine to revolve around the internet. With the internet being a big part of our daily lives during circuit breaker, here are 5 changes that you may or may not have noticed how it has affected our lifestyle.


  1. Online Learning/ E-Learning

When the number of COVID-19 cases was increasing at an alarming rate and students were still attending schools, news that E-Learning will be implemented across all levels of education broke out. As a result, all students have to adjust to “Home-based Learning (HBL) by attending classes, discussion through video conferencing apps (like Zoom, Google Hangout), submitting school work online using Padlet and Student Learning Space (SLS), etc. 

Many adults are also using their at-home time to attend courses through Skillfutures grants ranging from coding to digital marketing to even cooking. Some e-learning platforms like Udemy and skillshares are offering free courses or trial in their bits to gain more subscriber. Have you attended any new course recently? Which is your favourite?


  1. Working from Home

Apart from students, working adults also had to adjust to using the internet when most companies required their staff to start working from home. (Apart from those working in essential services.) This meant that majority of the communication and work had to be done through online services/apps, such as meeting calls through Zoom and communicating through emails more frequently. Some companies have also implemented work tracking apps like Zenly to ensure that their employee is indeed working from home. Are you the WFH or back to office camp?


  1. Sourcing for Food Recipes

Not being able to dine out made many people decide to try and start cooking by themselves, even for those who have never cooked before. They would often pick up recipes from online sites like YouTube videos and cooking blogs. In my honest opinion, this was probably one of the good things that everybody will agree that came out of staying at home. Who doesn't like to pick up the cooking skill! Pssst- we’ve been loving the Dalgona coffee which trended on TikTok, if you haven’t tried it we recommend you to! Here's a link to the video for your reference: https://vt.tiktok.com/ULwybq/.


  1. Meeting Up with Loved Ones

Not being able to meet up with your family & friends physically during this time has made many people look back and cherish spending time with them. Thankfully, there were many alternatives to stay in touch with your loved ones, which included video calling through Facetime, Skype, or even Zoom. Sometimes, a simple phone call to check upon them will have to suffice for many of our senior family members.

For the younger members, have you tried apps like Brunch or Houseparty that allows you to enjoy some virtual games and fun together ontop of video calls?


  1. Online Shopping

Last but not least, online shopping has taken off in a big way with many people turning to shop online for their daily necessities. Purchasing groceries online is definitely the safest way during a pandemic to get what you need instead of heading out to the nearest supermarket not knowing if there will be a crowd awaiting you. Online grocery websites like Redmart, NTUC online, Shopee has reported a big increase in online purchases during the past few months. Have you tried buying your groceries online?



Do you think that we could have survived the “Circuit Breaker” without the Internet? How did the internet help you cope during a circuit breaker?

Will love to hear your experience or thoughts.  Share with us in the comments below or on our Facebook/Instagram @misshosay. 


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