5 Teacher's Day Gifts Under $15 Your Teacher Would LOVE!

5 Teacher's Day Gifts Under $15 Your Teacher Would LOVE!

5 Teacher's Day Gifts Under $15 Your Teacher Would LOVE!

"I definitely had little or no idea the importance of having you teach me. Now I do and I am saying thank you. 
Thank you for the little nudges, the extra pushing and the constant encouragement in those years as your student. "


Teachers nurture and impart knowledge to students who will be building the future. In a way, this metaphor of a baton being passed down the line perfectly describes the important role. Just like a building, a child's foundation is the most important, and this is set and cemented with the help of a teacher. Hence, teachers are like the unsung heroes of our lives as they teach us and help us become better people.

The best way to thank teachers for all their hard work through the years is by turning in good work, and to be kind and understanding of them daily. However, if you are planning to go the extra mile this Teacher's Day by getting them a gift, we do have some great recommendation that we think your teacher will love!


1. WokWok Chips

Foodies will know what is up! This combination of crispy potato chip slices lovingly tossed with home-cooked cereal prawn ingredients make a fragrant, buttery and extremely flavourful snack that teachers will definitely have a good time savouring during their breaks! 




2. ScentScoop

One of our most unique gifts here is an ice-cream cup filled with scoops of scented "ice-cream"! Teachers can now get whiffs of customized aromas in their cars, at their office tables, or even back at home by placing this convenient cup of scented "ice-cream" scoops nearby! Of course, this relaxing and therapeutic smells lasts much longer than ordinary ice-cream!




3. Aroma Characters-- Zodiac Animals

Is your teacher a softie, or does he or she love soft toys? In any way, our Aroma Characters houses cute zodiac-related animals that come with a distinct scent personalized for each zodiac animal! You can either spray the scents onto the soft toy directly or use the scent separately for yourself! Either way, these affordable and multi-purpose cuties will melt your teachers' hearts!



4. Leaf Pen

Let the beautiful autumn leaf design drift weary teachers back to their happy places. A comforting-looking pen to make a teacher's day after a hard day of work! Psst! The mama shop earrings at the back are within the budget too, and are a cute way of showing off your Singaporean childhood (perfect for a cool Art teacher!).



5. When I Was Four Coasters

 A whacky way of showing your teachers that they are almost as "hip" and "in" as you are is by getting them these Singaporean slang coasters! The "sia" coasters are full of puns and are incredibly relatable! More importantly, they are really handy and useful as well. Quite cool sia!



While Teachers' Day may be a special day dedicated to celebrating teachers, our appreciation for teachers should always be present at all times. Thank a teacher today, especially the ones who have guided you through your worst times and has always tried to help and care for you, because it's not in their job scope to do so. These are teachers whom I am always thankful for! Happy Teachers' Day to all teachers out there, what you are doing is amazing and especially noble, and we are grateful for all your hard work!


Have a ho (good) day! 😊

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