4 Things to Help Get You Inspired At Home

4 Things to Help Get You Inspired At Home

4 Things to Help Get You Inspired At Home

Are you bored of having the same routine every day during circuit breaker? We understand that it can be hard to stay home all the time amidst this situation. Finding activities to help you stay entertained and inspired while still being in the confines of your home can be limited. So it's time to spice things up a little for you and your family! We present these 4 things that will make staying home more interesting and inspiring.

1) Dream Decoder / Laurence King 


During this stay home period, sleep is definitely one of the activities that takes up most of your day, other than eating and watching Netflix. With sleep comes countless dreams like being chased by “something” or falling from a building. Do you ever wake up and wonder “what did that mean”? 

Dream Decoder by Theresa Cheung, who has been researching and writing about spirituality and personal transformation for over 20 years, presents you with 60 of the most common dreams. These cards attempt to explain what your conscious mind may be telling you, and what events or situations in your waking life might inspire certain dreams. This improved self-awareness can be used as a tool to deal with challenging emotional situations or life choices.

Each Dream Decoder card shows an atmospheric illustration of an archetypal dream on one side and common interpretations on the other. It also includes tips on how to use the cards and optional games for one or more people.

The Dream Decoder is a fun conversation starter for the whole family. With its beautiful illustrations and thorough explanation, the Dream Decoder is definitely an interesting thing to have around the house especially when you are staying home most of the day.


2) Tarot Cards 

Are you looking to know more about yourself and how it affects your everyday life? Ever curious about using Tarot cards for self-discovery and guidance? Tarot is a fun tool to strengthen your intuition and understand what your inner voice is really saying. Tarot cards are subjective and all depends on how you interpret the cards and your situation.

To start this journey of self-discovery, pick a deck you’re drawn to and don’t overthink it. Below we have 2 very different sets of Tarot Cards:

Mystic Monday Tarot is a  vibrant tarot deck featuring bright artwork, holographic card edges, and foil exterior to help you create an experience that is visually appealing and all your own. This tarot card set features the strikingly perfect balance of vibrancy and minimalism and is perfect to use however you see fit. 


Tattoo Tarot is a beautifully illustrated set of fully functional tarot cards based on traditional tarot iconography as interpreted by MEGAMUNDEN, author of Tattoo Postcards and the best-selling Tattoo Colouring Book. This edgy and distinct tarot deck takes a new twist on the traditional decks with its soulful illustrations that speak to you.


Are you ready to say yes to your intuition and trust yourself? 


3) Living Well One Line A Day


In the past few weeks, we have been given a lot of time and things to think about. Instead of storing all that in your mind, why not write it down and start evaluating what it means to you? You may be surprised at how liberating it is for your soul when you write down your thoughts and feelings.

Make it a habit and start writing just one line a day, be it what you did that day or what you are thinking about. This elegant journal adds a creative dimension to any wellness program, whether fitness based or rooted in spirituality. This journal is an awesome way to collect memories and keep track of what you learn/do every day. Looking back at what you wrote a week or a year ago, may teach you some things about yourself like the growth and changes you’ve made over time or things that you should be grateful for.

Daily entries are small but profound motivations to stay committed, and the five-year format lets you see the comparison of the days and years before, like what you were doing a year ago today and where you were in life at the time.


4)Yoga Dice 


Are you missing the regular yoga classes you take? Yoga dice is a good way to vary your day to day routine without an instructor. From beginners to expert yoga lovers, this is great for anyone who wants to get into yoga or those who are tired of doing the same routine.

With 7 wooden dice (one for each chakra) represent different types of poses—seated, standing, balancing, twists, and more—that when rolled together in the hand or using the container itself, generate a variety of yoga practices for practitioners of all levels. Seven dice with different poses on each side mean thousands of possible pose combinations. 

Adding yoga and meditation to your daily routine, especially when you’re stuck at home, is the perfect escape when you find yourself unable to concentrate and need something that relaxes the mind. Yoga is a great way to get in tune with your body and your inner self.



We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during this period. Hopefully, these 4 things above are helpful in getting you inspired while still staying at home!

What are you doing to stay inspired? Share with us below or on our Facebook/Instagram @misshosay, we would love to hear from you! 

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