5 Cafes You Didn't Know That Offer BYO Cup Discounts + Tips on How to Purchase a Good Reusable Cup!

5 Cafes You Didn't Know That Offer BYO Cup Discounts + Tips on How to Purchase a Good Reusable Cup!

5 Cafes You Didn't Know That Offer BYO Cup Discounts + Tips on How to Purchase a Good Reusable Cup!

Let's face it: The plastic waste problem is in urgent need of attention and there are things you can do to prevent it from worsening. Recently, this message has finally sunk in to many manufacturers and retailers, who are trying to play their part in lowering the plastic waste output. Many retailers and F&B outlets have started to roll out low or no plastic initiatives, playing a part in the plastic waste reduction efforts.


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The part of plastic waste retailers and F&B outlets can actively reduce is single-use plastics, which are disposable plastics such as plastic bags, plastic cups and plastic straws that are discarded after one-time use. You can refer to our previous blog post to learn how you can start changing much more of your buys and routines to ease into the less-waste or even zero-waste lifestyle here.

This blog article discusses the 5 cafes that offer discounts when you bring your reusable cups. Who wouldn't want good coffee, less plastic waste generated, and money saved?



1. Yahava KoffeeWorks

Yahava KoffeeWorks is a popular place for those in search of a quality Arabica coffee fix. Besides having consistently good coffee and some brunch and dessert choices, they also offer workshops as well as their own coffee beans if you wish to make some yourself at home. Merchandise such as t-shirts and reusable cups are sold here as well. Bring your own cup and enjoy 50 cents off your coffee too!


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2. Jewel Coffee

They started out as a humble cafe and now they are here, with 14 outlets just 8 years later, making them Singapore's fastest-growing specialty coffee company in Singapore. You will be having a hard time deciding with the different types of coffee beans they offer everyday (2 types, bean origins change daily)! They also have some selection of pastries and cakes that make a nice tea time or breakfast place. Jewel coffee also provides an amazing 20% discount when you bring your own KeepCup to fill your coffee orders with. That's 1 free drink with every 5 drinks, great news for my wallet!


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3. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf was founded in 1963, making it the oldest and largest privately held specialty coffee and tea retailer in the US. As the cafe is certified Halal, it has been a reliable option for Muslim coffee-lovers to get their coffee fix while grabbing something to munch as well. Serving up many variations of espresso drinks, and food, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is also located conveniently in malls and business areas. By the way, did you know that the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf offers 50 cents discount for BYO cups? Hooray for guilt-free coffee runs!


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4. Dutch Colony Café

The Dutch Colony Cafe opened in 2013, serving quality and ethically-sourced small-lot coffee beans from plantations all over the world. Drink with a peace of mind knowing that their coffees that are from fair and sustainable practices and all lots are traceable. Katalyst Coffee Academy is the educational branch of the cafe, providing different workshops tailored to various skill levels. You can find a wide selection of food here, ranging from entrees to mains and breakfast items. Coffee of different origins and brews are also available, and so is tea and other non-caffeinated drinks. A nice place to visit at anytime of the day! You will be happy to find out that they offer 50 cents off KeepCup and Sttoke cups, as well as 20 cents off other resusable cups here.


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5. Bettr Barista (30 cents off drinks)

Bettr Barista is a cafe and coffee academy offering not just specialty coffee-related classes and tasting sessions. It also conducts field trips to visit the origins of different coffee beans, a really unique place for one to fully immerse themselves into all things coffee and to experience some hands-on activities for coffee-making! As a cafe, it offers specialty coffees that go nicely with the sweet and savoury snacks, a highly raved cafe in Singapore! The cherry on top for Bettr Barista is their Bring Your Own cup discount of 30 cents!


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Now that you know of more cafes that offer discounts for reusable cups, are you enticed to get your own reusable cup too? Before an impulse buy, know that the amount of resources, energy and carbon footprint produced when manufacturing a single reusable cup is many times more than what goes into producing a single-use plastic cup. You need to use your reusable cups at least 100 times before the carbon footprint starts to even out and overtake single-use plastic cups. Since buying a reusable cup is a big commitment, you can refer to these tips when you are trying to find the perfect reusable cup for yourself.


What Constitutes a Good Reusable Coffee Cup?

Since there are so many reusable cups around the world, which one should you buy? Here are the basic traits a good reusable cup needs!


1. No harmful chemicals

Many plastic cups contain many chemicals that are actually harmful for your body. The FDA admitted that plastic leaches around fifty-five to sixty different chemicals when heated. When you heat food in a takeaway container or serve it hot on a plastic plate/container, the process mixes various chemicals with your food. Eating such food creates hormonal imbalance and can cause complications like ovarian issues, breast cancers, colon cancer, prostrate cancers, and many others. 

BPA and BPS can also be closely linked to obesity and diabetes. A study conducted by Health Canada showed that the body does not successfully metabolize or excrete BPA and BPS. Instead, these substances promote the growth of fat cells, as well as, alter the amount of fat inside each cell. What you need, therefore, is a cup that is safe for you to reuse.


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2. Functionality

Observe the design and features of the reusable cups and bottles in the market. Do they have a lid? Do they have a good grip? Can they withstand heat? Are they durable and light for constant carrying around? These are some of the things you may wish to consider when you get a reusable cup, as you will be using for any drink outside!


Get a multi-purpose reusable cup for any beverage at any occasion!
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3. Brand

While there are many online alternatives that offer reusable cups at lower prices, be sure to find out about the type of materials used and whether the materials have been certified through proven tests! To give yourself a peace of mind, purchase your reusable cups from credible companies, especially those that are certified and are highly reviewed.


There are many brands of reusable cups out there, choose yours wisely!
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4. Price

Quality cups do not have to be expensive. After all, one of the biggest advantage of having a reusable cup is to save some money since you pay less than what you would have paid if you used single-use disposable plastic cups provided by the cafes. 


A good reusable cup does not cost a lot!
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5. Aesthetics and Colour Combinations

While it is important for your cups to be functional, having a cup you like aesthetically is just as important to encourage yourself to keep using it. Whether it's monochrome colours or bright funky ones, try getting your cups that makes you excited to use every time!


Sample of some colours and the emotions evoked
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The need for the permanent switch to reusable materials are becoming increasingly urgent. Actively using your reusable cups for takeaway coffee is one way of playing your part in reducing plastic waste. Though this action may seem small, it is definitely not insignificant, especially since it reaps long-run benefits. Why not start getting your own reusable cup today and get your friends and family into it too? The more the merrier, the better our environment, the happier our wallets!

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